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Piano works from 1918- 1943 by Francis Poulenc - DANACORD (DACOCD 960)

Gabriel Fauré's 2 Piano Quartets


Dahlia String Trio & John Damgaard

4 Violin Sonatas with Benedikte Damgaard and

Piano Concerto in c minor K.V. 491

CDK 1179-80 (2 CD's)

Recording and Remastering Claus Byrith

Beethoven Sonata Op.110, Chopin Sonata in b minor, Brahms Händel Variations

Beethovens 3 last sonatas

CDK 1037

Recording and Production Henrik Winther-Hansen

Franz Schubert: The Complete Finished Sonatas.

“Record of the Year” in American Record Guide December 1999.

Classcd 244 – 49  (5 – CD’s) 

Recording & Production Claus Byrith

Music for everyone - Short piano pieces

Classcd 617 (1 - CD) 

Recording & Production Claus Byrith

Representative “Danish Piano Music” from 1820 – 1996.

Released February 2004. Classcd 464    (1 – CD)

Clarinet Trios

With Søren Birkelund, Ulrikke Høst-Madsen and John Damgaard.

Classcd 357-8   (2 – CD’s)

Recording & Production Claus Byrith

Brahms B major trio og Dvoraks f minor  trio

Tutter Givskov (violin), Harro Ruisenaars (cello), John Damgaard (piano) 

Classcd 207 (1 CD)  -   Recording & Production Claus Byrith - Out of stock

Kuhlaus flute trio in G major

Claes Eriksson (flute), Gert von Bülow (cello), John Damgaard (piano) 

CD version from LP (1 CD)

Live recording - The last concert by the singer Peder Severin in Copenhagen 1997.

Classcd 366   (1-CD) – (booklet in Danish 

The complete piano works by Ravel.

Classcd 123-24  (2 –CD’s) 

Recording&Production ClausByrith

Songs by Jørgen Malling

sung by Kirsten Schultz Hansen,

Naja Monrad & Signe Asmussen

and Piano Trio in a-minor with

Ulrikke Høst-Madsen (cello), Kim Sjøgren (violin) & John Damgaard (piano)

Classcd 613

Recording & Production Claus Byrith

Music for everyone II - Short piano pieces

CDK 1190 (1 - CD) 

Recording & Production Claus Byrith

 3 Haydn sonatas, The Pianoconcerto in D-major plus

DVD with live recording of Schumanns

Kinderszenen and Carnaval

CDK 1049

All Schuberts Impromptus and 3 unfinished sonatas

Classcd 481-82 (2 CD)

Recording & Production Claus Byrith

The first recorded version of Kuhlaus 4-hand music

Poul Rosenbaum and John Damgaard (piano) 

CDK 1006 (1 CD)

Trios by Gade and Mendelssohn  

Gunnar Tagmose (violin), Ulrikke Høst-Madsen (cello), John Damgaard (piano). 

Classcd 132 (1 - CD)

Danish romantic trios 

Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider (violin), Ulrikke Høst-Madsen (cello), John Damgaard (piano) 

DCCD 9310 (1 CD) -Out of stock 

Songs by the Danish composer Lange-Müller

Edith Guillaume (mezzo), John Damgaard (piano)

CD version from LP (1 CD)

John Cage- Sonatas and Interludes – inspired by the sounds from Bali.

Classcd 272   (1 -CD)   -   Mastering Claus Byrith

Fantasy in C major Op. 17, Symphonic Etudes Op. 13,

Sonata in g minor Op. 22,

Piano Concerto i a minor Op. 54,

Introduction an Allegro Appassionato Op. 92